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What is Intentional Creativity..

Artwork created with intention serves as a foundation to envision your stories in a new light.  It also has the capacity to contain them, so that you don’t have to hold on to it any longer. You will explore your inner treasure of insights and life experiences. There is practically no end to the applications and the benefits that can be reaped.

Paint Your Legend as a Nurse ©

Oh Yes- You definitely have a Legend- it is made up of all the stories and experiences, including the influences that led you to Nursing.  Celebrate your Journey with an original painting created with the passion and beauty of your story.

How has Being a Nurse Shaped Your Life?

This full day experiential course is designed to encounter a new perspective of yourself as a Nurse.  We will write and paint on canvas with acrylics

·  We will follow a fool-proof step-by-step method that results in a fabulous painting

·  We will honor the notion that experiencing life-changing events while helping strangers is intense and worthy 

·   Gather in circle to connect as a group and start thinking with a focus. 

·   There will be a guided meditation to leave the daily cares and cell phones behind.  

·   Thoughtful prompts based on life as a Nurse will be introduced to spark your insights

·   Your finished work will be infused with all these encounters

Everything Within Us Lives in Story

Your artwork will hold layers of perceptions: longstanding opinions, current reality and future dreams.


Supplies will be provided (smocks, canvases, paint etc.).   You will need to bring an open mind and ask your inner critic to take a walk while you consult with your Muse.


Florence Nightingale will be called upon as our Muse, and a worthy Muse she is. Florence changed the course of Nursing forever.  A heroine of the Crimean War, statistician, designer of hospitals, advisor to the Queen.  She had guts.  I’ll bet you do too.  Join me to Paint Your Legend

To arrange this training for Nursing professionals please contact me at







Smashbook Art Journaling

Exploring the many stories that make up your life

Groups, individuals/organizatitons.  Half day classes working on paper.  Work utilizes a common composition book, glue, ribbon, intention, and freedom to express yourself.


This inexpensive, direct method created by Catt Gellar, kicks out the Inner Critic and lets your free expression REIGN.  You can come once to create your journal or multiple times to explore different life journeys.  The first class is used to take a common composition book and create an intention-filled Art Journal.  The Smashbooking method is freeing, fun, and can go as deep as you want or need. Powerful and true freedom of expression, multiple methodologies and mediums explored. 

Additional sessions: Home Safe, Hopes and Dreams, Worthiness, Self Love, I am strong enough, The Dumpster page

Processing Grief with Grace and Beauty


Individuals, groups and organizations 

Half-day class working with watercolor pencils, writing and collage

Walking the Path of Transition


Transforming Grief via visioning, writing, color activation, and collaging on paper

Especially good for hospice and cancer treatment organization, families experiencing heartache. Grief is an inevitable part of life.  

This Intentional Creativity method, for families and caregivers, creates a container to hold grief- at least part of it.  This workshop assists with releasing,  and closure.


“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”

                                                                           - E.A. Bucchianeri


The artwork created serves as a foundation to envision stories in a new light.  It also has the capacity to contain them, so that you don’t have to hold on to it any longer.  This won’t take away all the pain, but it will help.   The process lasts ~ 2-3 hours.  Participants are encouraged to bring an item for creation of an altar- it can be anything that reminds you of the beloved person, a leaf, a flower, a picture.  Work on paper, using watercolor pencils and collaging.



"This art experience provided an in-depth way to address very difficult life events. Having this workshop gave the opportunity to deal directly with traumatic times from a healthy, more psychologically sound position."  G Key


To arrange this training for Nursing professionals, families in Hospice or individuals, please contact me at

My Next Career Step

Creating a Career Roadmap to help you define and bring into focus the next steps that would serve you best.  

Designed for individuals and groups


Day long process

An 8 panel Muse exploration on paper focusing on 8 areas affecting your career dreams: Your Passion, Legend, Dreams, Your People, Services, Outreach, Abundance and Collaborations. 


A powerful method to get clear on what you want to do and the next actions to take.  Harness the conscious and subconscious power of your mind to manifest your future. 

You will focus on what brings delight into your life, for that is what is going to light you up and give you energy.  This is also an exploration- time to take off the ‘should’ and ‘can’t’ messages and let your imagination soar.  We spend so much time meeting expectations and limiting ourselves- believing and convincing ourselves we can’t do an activity- based on ‘shoulds’ in our life-  what if you allowed yourself the freedom to wonder and plan your best job?  You can take and make time for your dreams and taking this class is one of the first steps. 

  • What do you dream of doing with your life?  

  • What kinds of things are you passionate about?  

  • What are your offerings/products/talents

  • Who do you want to collaborate with or work with?

  • How much money do you want to make? 

  • Who are your people- it can be amazing how once you set an intention to live into your dreams, you meet someone or pick up a book or hear something on the radio that leads you to the next step.  




I was laid off after twelve year and found I needed to reconsider my choices and what I REALLY wanted to do. Using Eileen as my guide, I clarified my dream job and found it. I am SO HAPPY now and will always be grateful to Eileen for giving me the courage to follow my passions! JS

The Talent I Bring

Designed for organizations and individuals, excellent as a team building activity

What is your unique, individual gift?

Half-day process on paper

Intentional creativity, created by Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud, uses proven techniques that allow access to your own genius and essential wisdom.   

Honoring your unique talent reinforces inherent pride in one’s work.  We will explore some of the less obvious, less codeable talents you may bring- what if one of your gifts is to make others smile, or decreasing tension or seeing the elegant solution? Are you good at relationships, de-cluttering, organizing?


Whether you are aware or not- you are bringing this talent into your job- it may even be the bridge to your new ultimate job.


Within the nature of our jobs, each person must be multi-talented. Your talents and your presence have an impact and also carry your personal stamp whether you are aware of it or not. You have made a large investment in your career; you spend a great deal of your waking life at work.  The field of Nursing requires everyone to be nimble and open to change ALL the time. 

How can you support yourself?  By enhancing your sense of awareness regarding your talent(s) enabling you to surf the change instead of being caught unaware in the currents. Consider uncovering some of your gifts and realizing they are TALENTS and enjoy honoring yourself and your unique contribution to the planet.  Work on paper with watercolor pencils and collage. 


Team Building Murals

For organizations.  A potent & completely customizable process for fostering team unity.  Half- to full day workshops tailored to your organizations particular goals.  The mural below was made at a San Francisco oncology biotech company for a global team building activity.  The woman on the mural represents the women that are in the company's ovarian cancer clinical trials.

Care for the Caregiver

Designed for organizations, groups and individuals

Meeting Your Muse of Self-Care

The Muse is that intuitive part of you that is creative and longs for expression.  Being in touch with intuition helps you navigate the world in the best way possible for You.  Rachel Bavis Jaeger created this teaching concept with Social Workers and legal professionals to provide a tool for management of overwhelm experienced at work. 

  • During this half day experiential class, we will use painting, visioning and writing to connect with your intuition   

  • Reflecting upon the past and using intention to envision the future that you want.  Allows you to let go of a story that is running you by placing it as a symbol on the paper.  

  • We will create a self-portrait using Pure contour drawing using the right side of your brain  

  • You will paint this image including words and symbols that have meaning for you.  Glitter too!  

  • We will be using tools to release tension (clean out the gunk) and employ color, words and glitter to invigorate, and prevent further build up of toxic holding patterns. 

  • The goal is to take difficult experiences and transmute them with positive imagery and compassionate self-awareness

" We are what we BELIEVE we are"  ~ C.S. Lewis 


Caregivers experience secondary traumatic stress (STS) as a regular part of their profession.

We will create a self-portrait using color and words to portray your experiences.  You will include symbols that have meaning for you.  Glitter too!  Class includes visioning, reflecting upon the past and using intention to illustrate what has meaning for you.  Allows you to let go of a story that is running you by placing it as a symbol on the paper.  

To arrange this training for Nursing professionals please contact me at

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