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Boa Inspiration

17 ideas to celebrate with a feather boa

While purging my house, I found about 8 feather boas in the Finance Feng Shui area of my home. The boas were part of a very old dream and they needed to fly away. I offered them up to my Artist Community, the Intentional Creativity Guild, and literally within minutes, they were claimed. Intentional Creativity Artists paint and process stories, exploring how symbol, color and image spark old and new stories. This kind of painting assists with releasing beliefs that no longer serve and helps claim and create new stories you want to bring in.

The act of letting the boas fly free represents the first time in a year that I felt the wildly creative vibration of connection, free-association, and fun. Last year, my partner of 30 years became ill and died 11 weeks later. It has been a most interesting journey. Life starts to activate again.

A, B, C's of boa mastery

a. Paint wearing only a boa

b. Trim a robe around the lapel with a boa for a Hollywood glam feeling

c. Hot glue a bit of boa on some kitten heels

d. Wear at festivals, your friends will find you easily

e. Dance accessory, highlighting moves like shoulder shimmies or hip twists

f. Stay warm with your boa ( its the feathers )

g. Boas add the energy vibration of fun

h. Boas FEEL great on skin, they tickle your largest organ (skin)

i. Can be used for color / chakra work

j. Boas can hide almost anything, while revealing a shoulder or thigh

k. Add boa around the band of a hat, instantly fabulous

l. Trim the top of an evening gown

m. Boas add an energy of extra-ordinary (like who you are)

n. bo·a/ˈbōə/noun 14th century origin, large snake, from Latin. Type of serpent mentioned in Pliny's 'Natural History'. It's only one more intentional step to the Garden of Eden. Think of the deep painting encounter you can have while exploring the boa.

o. tug-of-war tool

p. No one see you? Boas are attention grabbers

Thanks to my friends for enlivening me and let me know if you have a boa inspiration.

#boa #intentionalcreativity #creativity #featherboa

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