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Transforming my Inner Child

This entire weekend has been given over to transformation. Listening to Women Entrepreneurs over 50 interviews, painting my little girl self with the intention to change the 'old' tapes and fitness training in preparation for an upcoming glorious weekend biking on the Natchez Trace.

When one can take the time to explore the stories that run your life, the game of life has the capacity to expand to hold your new story. This time, I want to Create the story by being the Warrior at the wheel/paintbrush.

Time capsule: Born prior to birth control and subsequently labeled 'The Mistake'; I was born with a congenital constricture of the bladder neck which required catheterizations with a metal catheter to remove the constriction.

This went on for a couple of years. Suffice it to say- I didn't like it here.

The magic of Intentional Creativity

This 60x48 canvas started with writing my young child-story ALL over it. Then the paint was applied to create a portal for the picture to come through. She would receive a bit of paint and sketching from time to time and has been housed in my room or seen hanging out in my studio for several months. The process involves listening to the thoughts that surface and then bringing these thoughts right onto the canvas with each brushstroke.

This rainy Northern California weekend, I sprayed her with Rose water and started into another layer. She still has lots to tell me and is a work in progress. She may turn into the first panel of a triptych (WOWEE) and she definitely has some poetry to transcribe. Last night I made my bed on the floor in a pink camoflauge sleeping bag, unwittingly wearing pink leggings and I slept at her feet. It was fun, kind of girl scouty and a little adventurous.

Imagine what you could do if you could transform Your Inner Child


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