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Creativity Support for Nurses & Healers

Watch this video to find out
about Intentional Creativity

"I believe there is a Shero/Hero

inside each person"



"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes", Carl Jung


Do you want to learn tools to manage the stress-related aspects of a Nursing career? 


Intentional Creativity tools are colorful, creative and have the power to contain or hold your experiences, thereby allowing you to release tension

Clink here for a link to the Intentional Creativity Foundation explaining the method. The result of repeated stress exposure on the Nurse can be labeled burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma. Regular work-life interaction with trauma and suffering can affect professionals in many ways.  Overwhelm is a natural outcome of repeated exposure to a work-life filled with tending the trauma and suffering of patients entrusted into our care.   You can learn effective Intentional Creativity™ tools to manage work overwhelm. 


Your best defense is to cultivate a strong suite of tools that relieve/release stress and safely contain your experiences.  You chose and trained for a profession helping others, but you are not required to hold onto these traumas.  To my knowledge, there is no course as part of Nursing education which prepares one to cope with the wide range of painful and complicated scenarios you will experience in your career as a Nurse. 

Consciously or unconsciously holding onto patients’ experiences can make you less effective and can spillover into your personal life.  Experiencing stress without a management plan is not to your advantage, at some point, there will be factors in your own life (death of a family member, finances, changing life situations) that will make it tough to go to work.  Compassion fatigue can shut you down from the people you are serving and make you more likely to leave the job you once loved. 


Experiencing enormous stress is commonplace in every Nursing career.


It is part and parcel of everyday work.  These sessions honor the work and mine the treasure that is contained in the heart of your experiences.  Each person creates a Confidential container for their stories via the creative process.


We have all heard the instructions to ‘Place the oxygen mask over your head before assisting others’. Generally, there is no time for that. You finish your shift and you need to go out into the non-healthcare world to feed your family or perform some other task that involves people that cannot fathom what you just witnessed and handled.

 Artwork created with intention serves as a foundation to envision your stories in a new light.  It also has the capacity to contain them, so that you don’t have to hold on to it any longer.


The process and the art is fascinating. You will explore your inner treasure of insights and life experiences. Caring for others can sometimes lead to not caring for one’s self and that is where burnout can begin.  Worries and dissatisfaction can mount when you don’t have tools to manage what is overwhelming. And then- you have to go back to work tomorrow and the stuff from yesterday isn’t processed.


Everything within us lives in story


Your artwork will hold layers of perceptions: longstanding opinions, current reality and future dreams, depending on the theme we are exploring.  Supplies will be provided. 

NO painting or Art experience required to finish each session with artwork that you will love.



How does Intentional Creativity Work?


You will access your Genius

Trust that your Muse and subconscious will only take you as deep as you can safely go.  Our subconscious works in symbols. You will be able to sit and contemplate your paintings and months later, realizing an important insight that was painted in the image, waiting for you to be ready to understand its wisdom. 

The techniques are straightforward and follow a step-by-step proven method of Intentional Creativity. There are solutions/tools that can help you manage the processing of your experiences.  

Actively tending yourself with Intentional Creativity ™ tools can help you engage in your work without harm to yourself and in a way that actually increases your sense of coping associated with performing patient care.  Intentional Creativity for Nurses:


  • Honors the work you do in the world

  • Melds your conscious and unconscious information via activation of your story with color and symbols

  • Can enhance your peace of mind thereby bringing more balance into your life

  • It is true that NO painting or Art experience is required to finish each session with artwork that expresses and holds your experience

  • Techniques are straightforward and follow a step-by-step proven method

  • Creates a nurturing fun environment which deepens your connection with your inner wisdom

  • You don’t have to be an active bedside Nurse to gain full benefit of these offerings

  • Addresses deep issues in a safe, creative, restorative and playful way.  The way that working with color can transform your story is nothing short of amazing

What will we do?


  • Gather in circle to connect as a group and start thinking with a focus.


  • There will always be a brief guided meditation to leave the daily cares and cell phones behind.


  • Thoughtful prompts based on the workshop theme will be introduced to spark your insights.


  • Your finished work will be infused with all these encounters


  • We will honor the notion that experiencing life-changing events while helping strangers is intense, worthy and needs support.



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