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Self-Care and Transformation for Caregivers

Florence, Italy
September 1-7, 2018

If you're a Nurse or Caregiver who needs a little TLC and yearns to be filled with new energy, honor, purpose and power, join me in Italy to paint your legend to feel refreshed and alive again!

Imagine this...You stop to catch your breath as you climb the last few stairs of the magnificent Duomo, the most inconic landmark in Florence.  Still inspired by its breathtaking pink, white and green marble facade, now you're dazzled with the interior's stained-glass windows and frescoes.  A moment later, you climb the last few steps and look out and see all of Florence spread out before you.  The climb, you realize, has been worth every step.

Can you see yourself...

Sitting among the gently swaying olive trees overlooking Florence as you contemplate giving yourself this gift of relaxation and renewal?

Feeling the warm Mediterranean breeze on your skin as you consider the many gifts you possess and have shared with others?

Being present in a potent circle with Caregivers who 'get You' and understand the situations you have witnessed?

Creating without your Inner Critic? (She will be out walking while we create with joyful abandon!)

Nurses need exquisite, easy-to-incorporate, self-care tools to manage the varied complicated situations that make up the content of each day at work.

We will honor the notion that experiencing life-changing events while helping strangers is intense and worthy. 

Would you like to develop methods to give from the perspective of an overflowing cup (i.e, Your cup is full in your personal and professional life)?

If it is important for you to establish a good balance between work and home life- what is the best medicine for that?

How would it feel to dust off that put-aside dream and spend some time polishing it?

You will be supported in caring for yourself and in identifying tools to stay in balance.

Why should you join us?

This retreat will support you in creating personalized healing tools such as:


How to build sacred time for yourself into your daily life.


Body, mind  & spirit awareness tools that support your unique perspective.

Creating a painting you can hang in your home that acknowledges and holds your experiences with color, symbol and meaning, reminding you of the value of expressing your gifts. 

Learn simple creative practices that are powerful for managing stress and nurturing your dreams.

Each day we will start in a gentle, soulful way so that you can try out some healthy, mindful methods for establishing a daily personal practice.

Florence Nightingale was born in the city of Firenze (aka Florence) and will be called upon as our Painting Muse.  And a worthy Muse she is!


Florence changed the course of nursing & caregiving forever.  A heroine of the Crimean War, statistician, designer of hospitals, advisor to the Queen.  She had guts.  I’ll bet you do too.

Each caregiver will bring a small token that is emblematic of her career.  For instance, your name badge, your nursing graduation picture or the wristwatch that you used to count vital signs- an item that holds your energy. 

We will use these tokens to create a ceremonial altar in our plein air (outdoor) painting space.

Longing to be inspired?  


Looking up in amazement, you can hardly believe you're here.


Walking through the hallowed hallways of the famed Uffizi Gallery, you hear your own footsteps echoing off the walls and feel an inspiration and excitement you haven't felt in years.  


This very gallery, you realize, housed the world's largest collection of Renaissance Art from the 16th and 17th centuries, and you're finally taking the time to enjoy it in person

Our Home base is the Pensione Bencista, a 14th century villa set in the hills above Florence.  This property has ties to the Medici's, was a convent, and for the last century has housed artists.  


We will be painting on the grounds among the olive trees. Bencista also boasts a spa and a terrace with panoramic views of the city. 

The Bencispa Wellness Center services are available and include a variety of relaxing, holistic, massages (olive oil!) as well as a sauna and Turkish Bath.

Restore your caring soul under the carefree Tuscan clouds while soaking in the warm and healing jacuzzi waters.  Your gaze will rest on the spectacular, pastoral views of the garden and city of Florence beyond.

Just a note: each of the women shown on this page had not painted since kindergarten or grade school- look how wonderful their paintings turned out!

La Cucina- ummmm


This is it! You are in Italy at last and the food is an undeniable part of the experience.  The inventive pasta dishes, some familiar and some downright exotic, are always sensuously satisfying.  


Try to pick a favorite...

Salty, moist salami inside a crusty roll with a bit of sliced fontina?  A simple perfect taste of Parmigiana?  A surprising array of antipasti; the classic ragu alla Bolognese; crisp, fresh radicchio - even saying the names is enticing.  

While the focaccia and minestrone call, your eyes are drawn to the fresh cannoli being filled to order before you, and the hiss of the espresso machine holds the promise of delicious black coffee into a stylish cup. 

And then again, it won't be a trip to Florence without some gelato or a glass of prosecco, orvieto or other gorgeous local wine.  

Trish, a Chef and former Restaurant Manager, is creating a luscious Tuscan-inspired cooking class.  One emphasis is on being able to reproduce it at home. Other aspects- complete enjoyment and winding down.

Here is a video about the Intentional Creativity™  painting process you will be taught.  


This is truly a step-by-step process that I have taught to people from ages 8-80.  


You CAN do it! and you will treasure this painting that holds your story. 

David- he's everywhere!

Day 1

Make your plan to arrive in Florence before 3 PM.  I avoid flying through Roma because of an experience of delayed flights causing me to miss a day in Tuscany. It is best to land directly in Florence. 

Once everyone is settled in their rooms, we will gather in Red Thread Circle.  A Red Thread Ceremony establishes sacred space, where you feel supported & can safely speak your mind, find common ground and meet your Muse. The red thread is used as a sign of connection and holds our group energy.  Especially for caregivers, the most important lesson of the Red Thread is that you are only responsible for your own piece of it. 

We will then depart for a Welcome Dinner in the charming hill town of Fiesole. La Reggia degli Etruschi serves amazing traditional Tuscan Italian food. The terrace view overlooking Florence is unbeatable.

Day 2

The day begins with breakfast on the terrace.  We will gather again and take a mystical visionary journey to meet with Florence Nightingale and our personal Muses.  This journey will inform your very personal painting. We will be painting among the olive trees on the pension's grounds, as Artists have done for more than a century. 

We will encounter color and embrace freedom from our Inner Critic.  Your Legends' form will begin to appear as you infuse your canvas with your energy and intention.  


In the afternoon, we will take off for the city center, encountering the River Arno, The Ponte Vecchio and the world-famous Uffizi Gallery, followed by a delicious trattoria experience.

Day 3

Our painting today will follow a visionary check-in with our Muse.  We begin a conversation with our Legend, as we color block and add patterns & symbols filled with meaning.  

Lunch will be a picnic serving up mouth-watering charcuterie, fresh bread, local cheese with fruit and salad.  

You'll have a chance to draw on that delicious sustenance when you visit the magnificent Piazza Del Duomo.  And if your DO choose to climb to the top of the cathedral, you're in for a real sky-walker treat: a 360-degree view of all Florence! 

Day 4

We will visit the Basilica de Santa Croce to meander through its 16 chapels, which are covered with patterned marble and stunning frescoes.  The Basilica holds the tombs of Michaelangelo, Rossini, Galileo and Machiavelli. 

Integration is the action of the day for our Artwork,  All the while, we are listening to our creations and to our Wise Selves, incorporating those goosebumps right into the composition.

Once we put our brushes away, there is a cooking class and shared meal featuring easy-to-reproduce regional fare. This evening is basically to be an easy-going evening.

Dante Alighieri

What is happening with your painting is that you have moved some stories out of your 'field' & onto/into the canvas.

So  Now...

You get to start bringing in what you want in your life & we do that with color, symbol and intention.

Day 6

This is our last full day together on this mystical, magical journey- so let's celebrate our new found friendships while we finish our Legendary Paintings. You will be feeling the land, the air, the beauty of the clouds while we paint under the swaying olive branches. 

Today we will be naming and signing our paintings, such as

She is the One who.., My Strength is..., 

Our powerful Closing Ceremony is really one of the BEST parts of the retreat!  You valuing You, Us valuing You, Your painting holding the story. 

Farewell dinner: we will toast our visions, paintings and OURSELVES.  

Day 5

Whoa! You have come so far and I guarantee you will be in love with your painting.  Your Muse still has things to tell you as we define, adorn and illuminate your Legend.  

Today we will have an outing- it's not set in stone yet- but could be an awesome picnic & walk in the Boboli Gardens adjacent to the Pitti Palace, home of the Medici Family, or a river boat tour of the River Arno in a vintage Gondola-style boat. Whatever the day brings, there will be time for journaling and processing all you have seen and done. 

Your Tour and Intentional Creativity Guides

I'm Eileen Nash, RN  and Color of Woman Certified Guide. My Nursing experience ranges from intensive care to outpatient research.  Each of these jobs is a part of me & influences how I show up in the world.  

My vision is to offer this creative, intentional healing work to Nurses, because I burned out in my twenties while single, pregnant and working in the ICU.  My mission is to teach Caregivers how to Care for Themselves in fun, creative and soulful ways. I believe that caring for strangers who are experiencing life changing events is intense and worthy of support.

My experiences have shaped Who I am and will continue to shape Who I am becoming.  I am ever so proud of my Nursing career and ever so grateful for the opportunities it has provided. 

trish o’malley is a loving and trusted guide for experiences of depth, creativity and connection with all life.  As an Intentional Creativity Guide who has studied with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the late Sue Hoya Sellars, she holds space for students who paint, write and otherwise capture how the world touches them.  Believing that a cultivation of the sacred supports right relationship to existence, she uses ceremony, humor, transparent sharing and journeying to support individuals in accessing their own unique expression.  She brings her training and practice as an energetic maven and dakini (initiated sexual healer) to explorers of their creativity in the form of presence practices.  A Cosmic Cowgirl, trish’s sovereign, transparent and wild being, inspires others to unleash their own true selves.


trish lives in northern California where she paints, writes, teaches, gardens, and creates aromatherapy blends and food.  She offers weekly intentional creativity classes in her Sebastopol home. You can learn more about her at

What's included

  • Coaching Webinar early August to plan last minute details and create your art SMASHBOOK Journal

  • Breakfast every day

  • Follow- up call one month after trip to check in & build on what we gained

  • Lunch (except for 1) & Evening dinners

  • Entry to Museums

  • Transportation expenses for group outings

  • Painting supplies (brushes, paint, canvas, smocks)

  • Oodles of Creativity, Support, Fun, Teachings, Ceremony & Fellowship

What's NOT included

  • Roundtrip airfare to Florence

  • Transport from airport to Pensione Bencista ~ $43 each way for a single person.  Sharing could be arranged during our pre-journey webinar

  • Costs will cover a first glass of wine at evening dinners.  After that, participants will divide costs

  • You will be responsible for 1 lunch and some snacks while shopping while we are not in a group

  • Tip for our driver at the end of the visit (your discretion)

  • Spa treatments

Our Complete Retreat Package:

$2800 USD per person double occupancy

$3100 USD per person single occupancy (only 4 slots available so claim it now!)

A $500 deposit will secure your place on this extraordinary adventure

We will explore how being a Nurse has shaped your Life

This retreat is designed to encounter a new perspective of yourself as a Nurse.  Empowered, Purpose-filled, Enlivened, Honored

  • Daily excursions in Florence experiencing Renaissance art will inspire you

  • You will be guided in crafting your own self care practice to nurture your creative soul

  • Creating the painting follows a fool-proof step-by-step method that results in a fabulous painting

  • Thoughtful prompts based on life as a Nurse will spark your insights

  • Your finished work will be infused with all these encounters

Everything Within Us Lives in Story

If you are ready to claim the Legend of your life's work,

join me in the incomparable Renaissance city of Florence, Italy, birthplace of Florence Nightingale

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