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Artist’s Statement:

Creative engagement with Art changes us & how we perceive our world”

Offering Intentional Creativity™ workshops designed to awaken Your creativity freely without judgement.  The work is simple in nature but complex in its ability to light up your life.  We work with our Muses in a variety of ways including Art Journaling, step-by-step painting processes and travel to make Art on location in beautiful locales.

My internet television show, Restore Your Caring Soul, features creative arts, women in Business, alternative healing, shamanism and other interesting topics. 

Eileen Nash is a Visionary Path-Finding Artist, Nurse & Health Professional who Loves working to help You find the Source of Your 'Mojo'!

Illusion & 

Intuition- a sacred retreat


~ “What’s the talent that I bring” was absolutely wonderful experience for me and it was a privilege to be a part of. Eileen Nash, is an outstanding guru who took us beyond a routine work day to that place where creativity can flourish.  She helped to connect the dots of our talents with a grounded understanding of “the importance of the work that we are doing.”


It was great unforgettable experience, and allowed me to transform myself and think of the attributes that I have and that I can bring to do my work better  through the collage creation.


Thank you Eileen for such a great experience!- Regina P


~ Eileen,


Thank you SO much for a lovely team building and self-nourishing experience today.  I had a wonderful time – it was so refreshing and exactly what I needed.


Also, it was so great to meet your sister muses!  You put so much beautiful thought into the event and the radiance of it shone through! 


You ROCK, M’dear.  Here’s to lots more intentional creativity! –Elizabeth B

​No Previous Art Experience Required. REALLY!


CREATING ART gives introspection to provide YOU with inspiration for Deeper Meaning.


CONNECT & SHARE with other like-minded people & Healers ... BECOME INSPIRED... EILEEN GUIDES YOU!

Let's Explore Art Making TOGETHER. 


Mission Statement


Eileen's classes offers a path to ‘Authentic Connection with Your Inner Treasure’.


I assist people in learning to access their wisdom in a conscious and creative manner which will access inner strength, compassion and the ability to reshape their lives.


Inner treasure is not measured in dollars or amounts.  It is an intangible celebration of life’s journey.  Your individual journey informs everything in your life. Intentional Creativity™ offers a playful and nurturing way to relax the nervous system and increase the ability to focus so participants can feel invigorated and peaceful, while better accessing love and passion in your life.

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thoughts on...

Why Nurses 

 Need to Make ART


It’s not an easy job.


Experiencing enormous stress is commonplace in every Nursing career.  Complex stressful situations are part and parcel of everyday work. It was part of the sheer excitement for me. The job of caring for others 40 hours a week, can sometimes lead to not caring for one’s Self. 


Do you want tools to help deal with the daily stressors that occur on a regular basis in a Nursing career?


I teach Intentional Creativity courses designed specifically for Nurses. I am qualified because I believed Nursing was the best career, yet burned out early in the surgical ICU in my twenties. That's why I am here today to teach some simple, yet powerful methods of making the most of your life.  


Intentional Creativity, founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, is a method of making Art which has the power to contain and transform your experiences.  Acknowledging, capturing  and expressing experiences with symbols and color allows you to release these experiences and not store them in your body in the form of tight muscles, overeating, high blood pressure, headaches or depression.  


Dr. Christine T. Kovner and colleagues found that 13% of newly licensed RNs had changed principal jobs after one year, and 37% reported that they felt ready to change jobs.  Hmmm…why is this?  Nursing is a fascinating career; there is endless variety and the science is dazzling. You get to live it - all the new advances, providing hope. Yet, there are only so many minutes in the workday and the sheer amount of intellectual work made up of taking care of patients is incredible:



  • Enacting absolutely precise orders for patient care

  • Knowing and understanding complex medications, each with differing side effects

  • Noting  and figuring out subtle changes in ANY body system and recognizing when it is a problem

  • Teaching (all ages, all levels of intellect, all types of resistance)

  • Providing psychological support 

  • Helping the family

  • Being fearless because a helpless person or family member needs you to be

  • Dealing with a patient who personifies one of your triggers

  • The physical wear on your body- lifting, walking, on your feet, transporting patients in gurneys or bed 



Inefficient staffing is raising the stress level of nurses, impacting job satisfaction and driving many nurses to leave the profession.


It is my position that it is time to take care of Nurses,


to provide outlets for work/life balance. My courses, tailored to Nurses, provide a safe space to honor the work, acknowledge the stress and perhaps to heal your stories.  As a certified Color of WomanTM teacher and creativity coach, the courses address the stories that are part of the weave of your life.  The Art has the power,  with your direction, to change the narrative from debilitating stress to empowerment, honoring your strength, courage, intellect and compassion.  We are going to engage that compassion and apply it to You.


It is absolutely true that one doesn't have to have any art 'talent' or experience to have a golden result.


There are offerings on paper, and canvas, using quality materials. 

Eileen's Art Lessons & Workshops help relieve stress and develop imagination as you Create Your more Joyful Life.


Real Tools




Let's Connect & Make Art!

ARTISTS MAKE ART & Create their Unique & Amazing Story.

Join Eileen - learn to play, expand & release with YOUR ART!

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